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We have a team of professional, qualified and experienced tree surgeons capable of felling or pruning trees of all sizes. We take pride in completing work to your specification, leaving your trees healthy and your site tidy. Modern arboricultural techniques ensure the best health of your trees. Work is completed to British Standard 3998

The type of work we commonly handle

· Formative pruning
· Reshaping
· Thinning
· Removal of dead and damaged branches
· Bracing, either steel or non-invasive Cobra system
· Repair of storm damaged trees
· Felling, including the skilled dismantling of awkward and dangerous trees
· Trimming and renovation of specimens, hedges and screens
· Fruit tree and shrub pruning
· Stump removal
· Implementing and maintaining tree planting schemes

large tree felling

Hedge trimming and shaping

Site clearance
Excellent clear up and disposal of debris, normally by brushwood chipper machine. Many of our customers keep the chippings for future use on the garden as mulch - ideal for keeping weeds out and moisture in.

To help meet all our clients' needs we have three different ways of pricing jobs. You can choose from; Fixed Price Quoting, Daily Rates, Hourly Rates.

Fixed price quoting
This is the normal method of choice for medium and larger sized jobs.

To understand your needs, our assessor will normally first visit you to discuss the work you propose. You will then receive a detailed specification and quotation for the work, usually free of charge.

Daily rates
Sometimes you have many days of work or a number of small jobs that need doing which would be very hard to individually price. In this case a daily rate will suit you best. Daily rates vary depending upon the number of men needed and the kind of machinery used. Please contact us for a price list.

It is not easy to compare the daily rates of different companies because machinery and skill levels differ. Our returning customers often choose a daily rate because they know we are efficient. If in doubt please ask us for a fixed price quote

Small Jobs
Sometimes its only a small job but you still want it done by a real professional.

You'll be surprised how much a skilled operator with the right tools can do in an hour - anything from felling and logging a small tree to rescuing a cat.

Quick contact: Tel: 01249 701836/ Mobile: 07891 986663