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Trees are important. They can be very valuable assets. They can also be dangerous liabilities, threatening people and property. Sometimes you need the advice of a qualified expert.

Typical questions

· How safe are beautiful old trees on my land?
· What are the legal implications of the trees on my land?
· Is property damage due to trees?
· I want to buy/sell a house. Do the trees affect the value?
· I own land. Can you draw up long term management plans for my trees?
· I am in dispute with a neighbour over a tree/hedge. What should I do?
· What is wrong with my trees? Can the disease/pest be treated?
· How do I correctly manage and care for ancient trees on my land?
· Can you help me manage trees on or near a construction site?

tree fungus

This fungus (chicken of the woods) is very tasty. But if this tree was next to a house would it be safe? The answer is likely to be "no".

Sonic tree imaging

If you have a really beautiful tree, and the state of decay is uncertain, one can use sonic detection to take a look inside the tree.

Typical solutions

· Inspections and reports
· Surveys
· Safety audits
· Management plans
· Planning surveys (inc. BS 5837:2005)
· Mortgage reports
· Veteran tree management
· Species and pest/disease identification followed by appropriate action
· High Hedges evaluation (in relation to the Antisocial Behaviour Act)

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