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Tree planting

We often plant trees for clients who want a professional planting service but here are some tips for those who like to plant their own.

We recommend that larger trees (those costing £100+) are professionally planted. Some techniques are complex and if one spends a lot on buying trees professional planting is a good investment. If you are buying expensive trees it is usually cheaper to buy them through a tree care professional who can get you trade price deals.

Much can be written on the simple process of putting a tree in a hole in the ground. We don't aim to overcomplicate things. Here are a few simple rules which will improve the survival and growth rate of newly planted small and medium size trees.

· Plant when the trees are dormant (usually October to March for broadleaf and September to April for conifer, but years do differ)
· Plant when the soil is neither dry nor waterlogged. If planting in turf, remove a 1 meter square of turf first
· Dig a big enough hole to hold the roots without bending them
· Make sure that the inside of a hole in clay soil does not become smooth and "glazed"
· Do not mix fertilizers into the soil at the time of planting. They will not help the tree establish good roots
· Plant the tree at exactly the depth it used to be planted in the nursery (you can usually see a ring of soil stain around the stem at this height).
· Only stake a tree if there is a risk of it uprooting in wind. Then give it the minimum support to do the job. This way it will grow strong instead of relying on its stake. Generally, if necessary, stake to one third of clear stem height. Remove the stake after two years.
· Water the tree well during its first summer.
· Remove competing weeds (including grass) for the first few years
· Mulch can be a great way of keeping the soil moist, suppressing weeds and nourishing the newly planted tree

Tree planting tips

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