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Responsibilities of tree owners

Some key points:

Under common law, you must not allow trees on your property to damage a neighbour's property. Neither must you allow poisonous foliage (e.g. yew) to threaten a neighbour's livestock.

If you have dangerous trees that threaten neighbours' property or roads you are liable for any injury or damage they may cause

There are circumstances under which the highways authority can order you to cut back trees adjoining a highway for purposes of visibility.

legal duties of tree owners

There is deadwood in this tree. Should it injure people or damage cars the tree owner will be held liable.

tree owners legal responsibilities

Can you see the new fence panels near the tree? This tree shed a major branch. Had there been cars parked underneath it would have destroyed them. The owner would have been liable.

Under Occupier's liability legislation you are liable for any injury which people may receive from trees on your land unless you have taken reasonable steps to prevent it, even trespassers are protected!

We have only briefly outlined areas of responsibility. If you have concerns over your responsibility in any of these areas, we suggest you employ an arboriculural consultant or you research the area further. We would be happy to point you in the right direction and help.

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